heated indoor storage

heated indoor storage

Protect your investment with Stanmore at our indoor storage facility located in Stouffville Ontario. Stanmore Carts has recently updated it's facilities and has made significant improvements in our storage racking, a new workshop, and a new parts area. 

Our team will make sure your cart is charged 3-4 times over the winter to ensure battery health and life. Winterization services also available. 


Vehicle transportation is only available within our delivery area. Customers are fully responsible for pickups and deliveries outside our delivery area.

Stanmore Equipment: Customizing and Servicing Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles for Leisure and Industry

Rely on Stanmore Equipment to provide you with golf carts, golf cars, utility vehicles, industrial vehicles, golf cart rentals, golf cart service, and used golf carts

protect your investment
with our heated indoor 
storage facility 

Conveniently located in Stouffville, Ontario Just North of Hwy 407 at 4 Paisley Ln in Uxbridge, ON L9P 0G5
Toll Free: 1-866-552-2787 

protect your investment